About Renzo on 2016

  • I am Italian, I come from Sardinia, I am Christian (and I'd like to say it loudly in this rapacious world), I graduated in engineering at Florence University, Italy, and I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland, which is a privilege for many things, but not for all.

  • My interests in life are very few: my family, the human being, classical guitar, Central and South America, languages, ... plus a couple more! (The internet is one, cacao trees also).

  • I have worked with Oracle for 18 years now, I am four times OCP DBA certified, I get by with it, not with everything of it! This is how I earn my bread and butter.

  • www.askRenzo.com is my current website. .

    One of my poems was inspired by Ghana, but it is not the most serious! If you understand Italian you will probably enjoy it.

    I keep on helping families, at the moment would like to reach Nigeria.

    I am receiving various emails, all interesting, some very very interesting. Here is an anthology

    My account on Skype is askrenzo. I am often online in the evening (CET) and during the weekends. My picture with gooseberries was taken on June 30th 2009, very recent.
    More about my berries here.